Ben Bernanke Thesis

Bernanke was charged with general stupidity, willful ignorance, and criminal negligence due to his handling of the financial crisis.By Hanlon's Razor, he is guilty of at least the first of those charges.As a result, Bernanke was found to have bought up trillions worth of shitty assets from banks as well as playing favorites with AIG and funneling money overseas in sketchy deals with Deutsche Bank and Credit-Suisse in what was called a "backdoor bailout." These people simply do not understand how the Fed and Bernanke's moneycopter actually operated.

In fact, it led investors to believe it was simply a continuation of Greenspan's policies (they were right) and talk of the "Greenspan put" turned into the "Bernanke put." Bernanke reassured everyone that everything was sunshine and gumdrops and issued what are now seen to be his famous last words in 2007: In 2010, Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders got their wishes granted to audit the Fed.

I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. the use of monetary policy to stave off deflation by drastically increasing the money supply.

Bernanke's political views are difficult to pin down.

Naturally, since Bernanke happens to be Jewish and a banker, there were a ton of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories claiming that he was a puppet of the Rothschild family.

Conspiracy nuts often claim that he intentionally brought about the financial crisis in order to destroy the dollar and bring about hyperinflation, thereby enriching the Rothschilds at the expense of America, keeping us in debt slavery.

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