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Read the” White Album” and author bio for Joan Didion .

Their daughter Quintana became seriously ill in 2003, and after visiting her at the hospital, the couple returned to their apartment where Dunne suffered a fatal heart attack.It opens with passages in which Didion evokes, with carefully chosen details, how in the "cold late spring of 1967" America was in a time of bleak despair and "adolescents drifted from city to torn city." Didion then described, with novelistic detail, the characters she spent time with, many of whom were taking drugs or seeking to acquire drugs or talking about their recent drug trips.The article departed from standard journalistic practice.So she hung out and listened, not interviewing anyone so much as just observing in the moment.Her observations were presented starkly as what was said and seen in her presence. After the article was published in the Saturday Evening Post, Didion said many readers didn't grasp that she was writing about something "more general than a handful of children wearing mandalas on their forehead." In the preface to a 1968 collection of her articles, itself titled Didion's technique, coupled with her distinct personality and mentions of her own anxiety, had created something of a template for later work.At one point she did attempt to interview a policeman who had patrolled the neighborhood of the hippies, but he seemed to panic and stopped talking to her.She was accused of being a "media poisoner" by members of The Diggers, an anarchic group of hippies.When Didion was writing her first novel, Didion and Dunne moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1965, intent on making major career changes.According to some accounts, they intended to write for television, but at first they continued writing for magazines.And a post of 550 words, discuss why, in your opinion, this essay is considered one of the best ever written.Use one brief direct quote from the essay to illustrate your analysis.

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