Best Gift Ever Got Essay The Problem Solving Method

Another friend told me that the best gift she ever received was a day spent with her two daughters planting flowers in her garden.They spent the whole day together and after a long day's work they relaxed with dinner and enjoyed the beautiful new garden they had planted."It was the best day, just spending that time together," she says.Pay attention to the little things that your friends and family mention that they like or want to try."When I was first dating my husband, I told him that I always dreamed of having a kitchen that had a window over the sink where I could look out and see ivy and dogwoods growing in the back yard," one friend tells me.

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Try writing out a friend's favorite poem and framing it.

Think about what hobbies in which the person you are shopping for is interested.

Try some cooking classes for your foodie friends or a round of golf at a prestigious golf course for your husband.

I am constantly begging people not to buy me gifts, not because I don't appreciate the thought behind it but because I am simply overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" I have.

So instead of shopping for something why not think of an experience to give?

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