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Also, take a look of the way the work is structure and try to make your paper look similar, because you know that paper got a good grade so you can shape your paper to look just like it.

You can get a paper from your professor, since they should have a lot of them.

I found these two courses (XX biochemistry and XX biochemistry) very interesting and therefore I mad a (bad) decision and choose those courses AGAIN but without the title "biochemistry" or biochemistry specific just XX.

Today I found out that both courses have same book and almost same curriculum.

I just applied to a masters program in biochemistry and have recently started looking into pharmacy school.

When I asked the professor about the difference he just smiled told me that "the results are the same".

Like indirect telling me that the courses are completely the same 😭What should I do know?

Biochemistry is a large field of study and expands in many directions.

How do I find a research topic that interests me, and one that is relevant?

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