Biodiversity Assignment Essays For College Applications

It is amazing to know that the total number of plant and animal species on this planet is about 1.5 million. More than 70% of the species recorded are animals and plants account for about 22%; 70% of the animals are insects.However, one drawback of these estimates is that they do reveal any data for prokaryotes.It is either resistant or resilient to seasonal disturbances.Therefore, it is important for us to realize that species richness and diversity are essential for ecosystem health.They are indispensable for the survival of human race on earth.Today the earth is facing a loss of biodiversity at rapid rates.

Biodiversity include fundamental things to our health like fresh water clean air and food products, as well as the many other products such as timber and fiber.

Biodiversity varies with latitude and altitude of the place.

If the environmental conditions are favorable for the speciation, you will find more diversity in such areas.

What is amazing about our planet Earth is the huge diversity that it houses! Going by the raw definition, biodiversity is the totality of genes, species, and ecosystems of a given region. Conservation of biodiversity can be studied in different segments.

Look around and you can find diverse forms of organisms, each one different than the others. They are: Let us look at these forms of diversity in brief.

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