Biographical Dissertation

In addition to your Major and Minor Subjects, you must write a dissertation.The purpose of the dissertation is to give you an opportunity to produce a substantial piece of original work.He has advised and co-advised numerous undergraduate and graduate students.AAAI elected Doyle to the rank of Fellow in 1991 for ``fundamental contributions to the fields of nonmonotonic reasoning, truth maintenance, metareasoning, and the philosophical foundations of artificial intelligence''.

Doyle moved to North Carolina State University in 2001 to serve as SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Computer Science.You are expected to meet with your supervisor at least twice during the preparation of your dissertation.Supervisors are only permitted to view a single draft of your dissertation prior to submission. For his doctoral dissertation, he worked with Hormuzd Katki, Ph. Cheung’s research focus is on understanding how epidemiologic findings could be used for cancer screening and prevention, particularly in developing individualized risk-based approaches to cancer screening. (2017) in statistics from George Washington University. H., and colleagues on the continued development of cervical cancer management guidelines and on other cervical cancer research. Cheung is developing and validating an individualized model for the expected life-years gained from undergoing lung-cancer screening.He served as a director of Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Inc., as an associate editor of , and as the co-organizer of the 1996 ACM/CRA Workshop on Strategic Directions in Computing Research, as well as the co-chair of the artificial intelligence report committee of that workshop.Doyle lives with his wife and children in the Raleigh area, where he pursues interests in nature, history, and musical composition.It should be an extended account of a topic or question that lies broadly within the field of either your Major or Minor subject.In producing your dissertation, you will be expected to show skills in researching primary literature, critically evaluating published information, and marshalling arguments to produce a structured critical assessment of a defined topic.

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