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A single nerve cell, transmitting electrical impulses in a continuous chain of stimulus and response.

A wind-polished cypress tree, its roots digging deeper into the soil with every passing season.

Providing excellent preparation for a variety of careers, the biological sciences program at UC Davis gives you access to world-class faculty, exciting research and internship opportunities and a wealth of library and laboratory resources.

UC Davis biological science graduates who combine their coursework with research or internship experience are well prepared to directly enter the industrial or academic research workforce, or to apply to graduate and professional schools in the biological and health sciences.

Note: This option is a total of 103 hours, of which 16 must be 3000/4000 level, in addition to 16 months training in a school of medical technology approved by the Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation (CAHEA) in conjunction with the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS).

Sixteen-month program in a school of medical technology which has been certified by the Committee of Allied Health Education and Accreditation (CAHEA) in conjunction with the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

All Biology degrees and degree plan options are supported by providing students with ready access to both academic and career advice provided by full-time undergraduate advisors and faculty members knowledgeable with a student's particular areas of academic and/or career interests. S.) which allows students to pursue biological careers requiring a greater knowledge base than provided by an undergraduate B. An application form is available from the undergraduate advisor (Room 345 or 346 LS).

Students are strongly encouraged to interact with departmental and faculty advisors throughout their academic careers, particularly through independent research under faculty supervision, to develop the skills and course work background that will allow them to achieve their future academic/career goals. A suggested course sequence for entering freshmen students for the first two years is: Transfer students interested in one of the degree programs in biology will, after admission to UT Arlington, be placed into pre-major status: BIOL intended, MEDT intended, or MICR intended major.

S.) degrees in Biology, Microbiology or Medical Technology. Option two in Forensics provides students with the training necessary to pursue exciting careers in biological forensics, DNA testing or police department laboratories. degrees, the Department of Biology offers programs leading to graduate degrees, including the Master of Science in Biology (M. D.) which allows students to carry out independent dissertation research within a chosen area of biological research leading to a career in research and/or university teaching. The Graduate Catalog provides details of the Biology M. See list of general core curriculum requirements set by the University elsewhere in this catalog) and a minimum of 20 hours from the courses below: The applicant for status as a biology major MUST have a GPA of 2.25 or better in all courses taken, and 2.25 or better in biology courses.

First-generation student Artem Trotsyuk wanted to prepare for a career with options.

He branched out to pursue minors in professional writing and communication, worked in a science lab and got involved in student government.

B.) degree, which provides greater opportunities to incorporate coursework outside the Biological Sciences major.

Students who pursue a bachelor of science degree will take more upper-division coursework than A. candidates and can choose from areas of interest such as molecular biology and genetics, animal behavior, plant growth and development, bioinformatics, marine biology, forensics and microbiology.

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