Blanche Desire Essay Loneliness Named Streetcar

Opposing Backgrounds (Scene 1) Blanche arrives in New Orleans, expecting it to be of the same class as where she and her sister Stella grew up.

The contrast of her standing in the Kowalski flat which is simple and common, and wearing clothes that suggest great wealth and a proper upbringing, tells the reader that there may not only be opposing class in the play, but opposing views and lifestyle too. ”- Blanche This quote shows Blanches shock as to where her sister lives. It is this time n the play that Blanche really lets go and expresses how she really feels.

It shows that although he and Stella are from different worlds, they have created their own personal breed, where the upper and working class can live together happily.

Lies/Hypocrisy (Scene 1) When Stanley first meets Blanche, she says that she has not drunk any of his liquor, but we think Stanley is quite suspicious.

Sexuality (Scene 1) Blanche feels that she will have no privacy as she is only separated from Stanley and Stella’s bedroom by a curtain.

“But there’s no door between the two rooms, and Stanley-will it be descent? This suggests that Blanche feels that she will be imposing on Stella and Stanley’s sexual relationship. Scene 3) Blanche flirts with Mitch, displaying her feminine sexuality.

She also has a final last hope to find some one to help alleviate the emptiness she feels and Mitch seems to be the man until he finds out about her past.

Mitchs refusal to be with Blanche along with the ultimate act of cruelty, Stanleys rape of Blanche both increase Blanches descend into insanity.

However this doesn’t deter Stanley and he “Springs towards her, overturning the table. It is up to the reader to make up their mind as to what happens after that, but it is implied that Stanley rapes Blanche, the pinnacle of his violent state.It shows how Blanche’s past revolves around sexuality, and sexual favours. “I loved him unendurably”-Blanche “Blanche didn’t just love him, but worshipped the ground he walked on”-Stella Loneliness (Scene 2) When Stanley touches Blanches love letters she expresses her devastating feeling of loss, and loneliness.Love Stella is truly in love with Stanley and it is a running theme in the play that Stella will always go back to Stanley. It is obvious that she is in need of companionship. By stating that she is not “Vulnerable” anymore, actually increases how much the reader sees how much she needs someone. Mitch and Blanche both understand feelings of loneliness and by supposing that they are to be together then they will no longer have to be alone.She has tried to avoid the guilt she feels for her husbands death by having intimacies with strangers to fill her empty heart and attempts to avoid realism and prefers magic by telling what ought to be the truth rather then the truth itself.Her insecurities about her fading beauty are continuously to find refuge with her sister Stella as she is her only living relation left.He comes back by saying “Some people rarely touch it, but it touches them often” This is ironic as we know that Blanche HAS drunk Stanley’s alcohol. (Scene 2) Stanley believes that Blanche has been lying about the loss of Belle Reve, and that he and Stella have been “Swindled” He uses reference of the “Napoleonic Code”.We later find out that the estate may have been lost on a mortgage, but Stanley does make a very convincing argument, trying to prove Blanche is a liar.This eventually leads to her downfall in Elysian Fields where she gets off the street car.This quotation reinforces Blanches fantasy view of the world.Desire and death are two aspects that became important in the latter part of Blanches life.The literal death of her husband along with the metaphorical death of her social life were both caused by her strong carnal desires which have caused her to be in the position she is in the play.

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