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You can be weird in your designs, but it helps to do it in such a way that your audience still knows what you’re trying to sell.There’s a difference between paying homage to someone else’s work and flat out trying to replicate its success by copying it in every imaginable way.It’s so awkwardly placed and so different from the rest of the poster that you can’t help but go “huh?” Your goal as a designer is to connect with the audience, not punish them by blinding them with bright flashy colors.We’re sorry if you went temporarily blind after looking at this poster for —and we’re even sorrier to remind you that this movie existed in the first place. It’s like the movie poster equivalent of a used car dealership – the big cheesy grin, the Mc Donald’s-on-acid yellow and red color scheme – it does everything it can to try and get your attention.We get that the creator of this poster wanted to show how zany and campy the movie was by using a bright, attention-grabbing design. But the worst offense is that weird, tacked-on “Romano” at the end.And when your eyes can’t take any more, check out our round up of best movie posters of all time.Jon Hamm is a talented actor, but you’d never be able to tell it from this overly posed movie poster for .

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Even a huge, multi-million dollar movie can somehow end up with a poster that looks like it was Photoshopped by a first-year design student.

The jacket slung over the shoulder look is too cheesy for words and gives off the appearance of a catalogue model.

But the worst sin of all is the cell phone he’s holding in his other hand—what’s up with that?

contains a lot of fantasy elements, so you’d expect the movie poster to have some level of whimsy and magic—but this design takes it too far.

There’s a barrage of elements competing for your attention, many of which have hidden images inside, like a Russian nesting doll of confusing imagery.

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