Book Vs Film Essay

Later she feeds lies to an Erudite reporter as revenge for ranking lower than Tris.During capture the flag the initiates use paintballs to shoot each other.

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Molly guards the flag in a bell tower, where Tris manages to defeat her and take the flag, signaling the victory. While in her final fear landscape, one of Tris' obstacles consists of Jeanine telling her to kill her family and she counts down.

Molly is very aggressive and antagonistic towards Tris along with Peter.

She laughs along with Peter when he pulls away her towel.

The boys attempt to push her off the ledge near the chasm while she struggles to fight back. Because Tris lost her second fight during the first stage of initiation, she wakes up in the medical area and is informed by Will and Christina that Eric decided to cut her.

They leave her to recover and Tris sneaks out of the ward and boards the train with Four's help.

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