Bowling Alley Business Plan

We hope you enjoy this month's fascinating snapshot of a planning issue of yesteryear.most important — local center of participant sport and recreation.Junior league (not "Junior League") bowling is encouraged to fill the bowling alleys on afternoons and Saturday mornings; and proprietors also try to attract people who work unusual hours — doctors, waiters, and night-shift workers — who increase business by using bowling facilities in off-peak hours. Although balls and shoes may be rented, many bowlers buy the necessary equipment, which, with a carrying bag for the ball, comes to only about .These initial expenses are low compared with 0 to 0 for golf, hunting, or fishing equipment and 0 for a start in boating.As bowling alleys have been moved to the suburbs, more and more patrons come by car, increasing parking problems.Moreover, zoning, noise, lights, and traffic problems have changed to some degree. A questionnaire, prepared jointly by PLANNING ADVISORY SERVICE and the Bowling Proprietors Association of America, the national organization of bowling alley operators, was sent to the 3,200 members of the Bowling Proprietors group.Many are luxurious — attractive decor, comfortable seats, air conditioning, elaborate scoring and pinsetting facilities, a snack bar, coffee shop, or restaurant, often a bar or cocktail lounge, sometimes a nursery, and usually parking areas.In fact, investment in a new bowling alley may run as high as million or more, although some cost as little as 0,000.

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Special efforts are made to attract housewives to bowling alleys in connection with shopping trips; in many junior and senior high schools bowling has become a part of the physical education program, and school buses are used to take students to the bowling alleys.We don’t just lend money; we are also here as a trusted partner to lend you guidance and advice as you look to grow your business.We offer loan amounts up to million to bowling centers for equipment purchases, facility upgrades, modernization, refinance, expansion and more.Although an easy game to play, perfection is elusive and no bowler believes he can ever master the game, so he often becomes a steady player.However, the game itself does not require excessive physical activity.When you’re ready to explore bowling center loans to take your bowling center to the next level, you’ll need to work with a lender that understands your business.In 2017, half of our new loans were made to existing customers, because our customers know we care about their success and understand their industries.Furthermore, bowling requires no license, no club membership, and no out-of-city travel, as many recreational activities do.The average bowler spends a little more than a week, or about a month, so that for approximately 0 a year he can enjoy a year-around activity.The word "alley" sometimes is short for "bowling alley" and refers to the whole bowling place; or, sometimes it means the alley itself on which the game is played.To avoid confusion in this report, the word "alley" is not used by itself; the word "lane" refers to the actual boards on which the game is played.

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