Breakfast Club Analysis Essay

With eight hours of confinement they start to form a friendship.Another character that played an important role was Principal Richard Vernon (Paul Gleason). In this film it deals with the issue of teen angst.It could also be classed as drama because it deals with teen angst and the effects it has on a teenager s life.The film might even be placed under comedy because it contains some witty comebacks between the group and their Principal.The brain finishes it off by writing the essay and leaving it for the Principal to read. The closing scene shows Bender walking past the football field shouting and then the credits role.From this it can be gathered that The Breakfast Club is in the classical narrative style with a beginning, middle and end.The Breakfast Club Essay, Research Paper FILM 7112081 The Breakfast Club. A film on which inspired me is The Breakfast Club Written and Directed by John Hughes.Released in 1983 it tells the tale of 6 teenagers that spend Saturday detention locked in the library of their High School.

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The lighting on the film was mostly dim with the library lights but when it came to the hallways it became more clearer.

Then we have the geek who always wears what his mother tells him too, never late for school, always hands in his homework and doesn t get into trouble. Last is the basketcase, she hides away from the world and keeps to herself, Always late for class, occasionaly hands in homework.

Relating to the athlete is the school snob or princess, always thinking they are better than everyone else, they have a good reputation. Their dress sense is no better than the delinquents, wearing baggy clothes and all black. The film represents the levels of high school standards, which represents where you stand. There are not many places represented in this film. With a look at the Janitors room, library, the halls ways and even the basement this films budget kept its filming to a minimum.

Annoyed at Bender the gang decides to all the take the blame. The camera cuts to Bender shouting loudly, ripping posters of the walls and hitting a stick on the wall.

The Principal hears this and continues after Bender.

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