Breaking Social Norms Essay

She then turned her face to look at me, and I walked away with the floor mat in my hand with a smile.We later made our way over to the cash register to purchase two boxes of Betty Crocker’s brownies, when I noticed an older lady in her early fifties, ahead of me, paying at the register.Breaking a Social Norm: Personal Space, Please What if you are traveling on a bus, and once the bus makes its stop; another man walks in, past all the available seats, and takes a seat right next to you?He then falls asleep, leaning his head onto your shoulder. If you are an American, then you are aware that the concept of respecting personal space is a social norm, making that scenario a bit out of the norm.I am simply comfortable with it, and couldn’t begin to comprehend if the situation in China was reversed, and I would have been in place of my boyfriend! The basic idea is that abnormality is when a behaviour does not fit within what is socially acceptable.There are a variety of possible reactions that people can have to the violation of this norm.There are those who will walk, or inch away when they feel their personal space has been invaded.

This is a norm which acts as a mechanism of social control by teaching us to avoid conflict, or confrontation.

I then moved close to her, and as I was behind her, peered over her shoulder to take a look at what she was looking at.

She immediately moved, without making any eye contact.

As this lady leaned over to pick a towel up, I leaned over and picked the same towel up. She then walked over to the floor mats, and I followed closely behind her.

She stopped and stood to look at them when I followed her gaze, and grabbed the floor mat which she seemed to be looking directly at.

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