Broccoli Research Paper

In this sense, cultivar selection is difficult because very little specific information about the plant material is available.Crop varieties in 1950 had been bred to be adapted to specific regions and a relatively low input agriculture system.The aim of this study was to describe the yield and quality of nine cultivars of broccoli to find the most suitable cultivar to be grown on the “Vegas Bajas” of the Guadiana River.In addition, using cluster analysis we have studied the qualitative attributes of different varieties provided by several suppliers.Nowadays it is becoming easier to buy processed vegetables, especially broccoli as an ingredient, ready to be used in the market, that meet the consumers’ demand for healthy but fast food.

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Spanish consumers are becoming more aware of nutritional value of broccoli and other vegetables.

Over the last years in Extremadura (Spain), the broccoli cultivated area has increased.

In 2013 the cultivated area reached 1747 hectares, with a total production of 21617 tons of broccoli heads.

Broccoli has been labeled as the highest nutritional value vegetable, due to its composition of some phytochemical compounds, such as glucosinolates and isothiocyanates, with potential effects on preventing several cancer types and other illnesses [1, 2].

Broccoli is an abundant source of nutrients, including provitamin A (β-carotene), vitamin C (ascorbate), and vitamin E (tocopherol) [3].

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