Broiler Chicken Farming Business Plan

In the United States, there are currently a lot of commercial poultry farmers.In the United States today, recent statistics has it that there are over 2 million farms, encompassing more than a total land area of 900 million acres.These figures indicate that there are a lot of farmers in the United States.However, the competition is not as stiff as is the case in some other industries.Sales and Marketing Strategy We have been able to carry out detailed research on the poultry farming industry in the United States, and we have come to the conclusion that the reason a lot of the poultry farming businesses do not do well is because of their inability to sell off their products to a larger market.In view of this, with the help of some sales experts, we have been able to come up with several sales and marketing strategies.Smith Baker Poultry Farms, LLC has recognised the competition in the industry when it comes to selling poultry farm produce to consumers all around the United States.

This will tremendously help us in producing our products in commercial quantities, and greatly reduce the stress.One notable trend in the industry is the fact that, as a result of improvement in technology, poultry farmers have now been able to confidently predict and produce the needed quantities of chickens and eggs at a particular time.Target Market Smith Baker Poultry Farms, LLC is in the poultry farming business to make profits.One of such ways is how much we intend to sell our chickens and eggs.We want to make sure we sell our poultry farm products at affordable, yet competitive prices in the industry.Here i would like to cite an example supporting this :: Vibhi Poultry Farm is layer poultry farm owned and managed by three siblings Mr. The farm is located at Soygoan (Devi), Jalna district, Maharashtra. They were keen to be part of the livestock business hence on receiving the opportunity of procuring a poultry farm they took it up immediately.It was closed for many years therefore we had to re-do the entire infrastructure. In our area we have many broiler poultry farms whereas there is only handful of layer poultry farms hence we opted for later because market demand of egg is consistent and never fades off. It is too less an amount therefore we knew if the farm has to be profitable then we have to increase our turnover.The farm has the capacity to manage 72 thousand poultry birds. Considering it we developed the infrastructure accordingly irrespective of high capital investment!Also, we will make sure we select good breeds that will ensure we get good harvests, and we will make sure we cut down to the barest minimum, the cost of running our poultry farm.The poultry farming business is one where farmers set the prices of their products based on discretion.

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