Brown University Senior Thesis Argumentative Essay Writing Video

Students with different graduation timelines who would like to pursue Honors should contact a member of the Honors Program Committee to discuss alternative plans.

In addition, honors candidates in Cognitive Science, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Psychology must have completed the statistics requirement (e.g., CLPS 0900) and at least one lab course (a credit in a directed research course may be substituted for the lab course).

Students will be required to present their research in an oral presentation at a research symposium at the end of their eighth semester.

Details will be provided at the beginning of the eighth semester.

Writing a thesis can be a significant undertaking, and it is helpful to be able to be able to spread the workload over several months rather than to try to complete it at the last minute.

It can be helpful to register for an independent study course that focuses on your thesis topic (but note that only one independent study can be used for concentration credit).

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