Business Management Dissertation

The student’s second year paper should, in most cases, lay the groundwork for a dissertation.

A member of the OM faculty who agrees to act as a research advisor for the student must certify that the student is prepared to engage in original research.

Based on the research produced and feedback obtained by the student’s dissertation committee, they will prepare the final dissertation and submit it for review by their committee.

To fully complete the requirements of the Executive DBA Program, each student must pass the oral defense and obtain approval of the final written dissertation document by the committee of faculty members.

The dissertation is a substantial body of original research work that contributes to the body of knowledge in the student’s chosen research area.

Typically (though not necessarily), a student’s dissertation topic grows naturally out of earlier research projects.

Business administration is a different and definitive subject.

The successful final defense of their dissertation will satisfy the Dissertation Research requirement in the spring of the third year.

The research projects are structured as independent study courses.

In the dissertation proposal, the student must demonstrate a broad knowledge of the field, current methods of investigation, and the ability to conduct the proposed research on a realistic timeline.

The objective is to conduct high-quality applied research that expands the frontiers of knowledge within the business discipline.

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