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You subscribers are much more likely to see your email than your Instagram post. Use Society6 (obvs) for setting up a print-on-demand shop, or put a big ‘HIRE ME’ button on your website that links to a page with details on how to book you. Make work that connects with people while still being yourself. Your goal of earning income from your art can stay the same, but HOW you earn that income should be flexible.As you share your art, notice what resonates, and make more of that. You may start out offering your work as prints, only to discover that people LOVE your work on t-shirts, or want to commission you for wedding invites, so it’s good to be ready to shift your efforts to where you’ll get the best results.Once people have found your work, you need a way to keep in touch with them. For bonus points, set up an email newsletter and get folks to subscribe.It takes much more effort, but email is super effective. You need to be clear about this, and set it up so it’s easy for people to hire you or buy your stuff.Lucky for us, he doesn’t keep those secrets to himself. This Society6 artist has some things worth jotting down.

His successful art career isn’t due exclusively to his comedic illustrations and loyal fan-base–he backs his art up with the business know how to succeed in the print-on-demand world and beyond.Best of all, your business plan doesn’t have to be lengthy.No one wants to read 100 pages—keep it short and sweet.You need places for people to discover you, and you need a way for people to follow you once they’ve found you and fallen in love with your work. So let’s look at the two separately: Posting to Facebook and Instagram are the obvious places to share your work and be discovered.But you can also look at other sites that would suit your style of art, such as Behance, Dribbble, and Ello.Squarespace is a terrific way to set up your own beautiful website.At the very least it should have a sampling of your best work, a page about you, and a way to get in touch.At its core, a business plan is a roadmap to guide you through your career.As a living document, your business plan will be continually updated to reflect your long-term and short-term goals.Every artist’s work is different, every situation is different.But the goal is the same: to earn income from your work.

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