Business Plan For Convenience Store

“I review the plan quarterly and make decisions on whether there is a genuine change that I have to live with, or a change that needs attention,” he says.

I’m trying to move around any excess cash to other machines to avoid being charged for paying it in.

Some of the key point indicators in Jim’s business plan include: the level of sales, profit margin and outgoings.

“With some things your hands are tied, such as licensing requirements, legislation, and health and safety.” However, in other areas he claims it can be possible to reduce costs to keep things on an even keel.

“With energy costs, I might change the temperature of the alcohol fridge, or I might get more baking done early as the electricity costs are cheaper.

Or I might change supplier and negotiate better rates.”The major advantage of having a plan is that it enables you to monitor all aspects of your business in one document, thus providing you with a true overview.

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