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While you might think your food truck business concept is key, it’s irrelevant if you can’t prove it will turn a profit.

It takes more than a great concept to put a food truck business into high gear and on the road to success.Create separate overhead, production and cash flow budgets, a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement.These documents provide snapshots of different aspects of the business.Create several budgets for potential investors or lenders, as well as to help you operate.Start with a master budget that shows your projected first-year operating expenses, start-up expense debt-service and sales.This doesn’t mean that food trucks are cheap or free to start.It costs anywhere between ,000 to 0,000 or more to open a new food truck, so most will need some kind of financing when starting out.For example, you might start making a profit from operations your first week, but take six months to be truly profitable by paying off your start-up costs.Start-up costs include expenses such as the food truck, insurance, licenses and permits.Business plans also include a market analysis: who’s your competition and who are your intended audience?Writing a business plan can feel a little (or a lot) like homework, but in the end it will only benefit your food truck business, offering a well mapped strategy for success.

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