Business Plan For Telecommunication Company Essay On Growing Sound Pollution

Therefore, they have not allocated sufficient resources—or they have assigned responsibility at too low a level in the organization.When they do pursue business markets, they often diffuse their efforts with too many projects in too many IT adjacencies, failing to recognize the strong opportunity in the traditional core connectivity business across small office and home office (SOHO), medium enterprise (ME) and corporate customers.Finally, management often challenges the profitability of B2B units in telcos, which tend to run lower than the consumer business due to high levels of customization, sophisticated buyers and the lower margins inherent to an IT business.To build a robust B2B business, management needs to understand the longer investment payback times and also consider indirect benefits such as protecting the connectivity business.Most of the B2B opportunity still lies in reducing churn, increasing wallet share, maximizing account profitability and managing migration to IP technologies.One European mobile telco operator has targeted 5% growth in its B2B services, with two-thirds of that in its core business, mainly through identifying underpenetrated customer segments, reducing churn, cross-selling fixed-line services and monetizing data.

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Thus, a close relationship exists between telecommunications and information system.

Also, monitoring the competitors technological advancement is very important for investing in the most effective and competitive technology.

For a decade or more, Western European and North American telecommunication companies have focused on capturing growth in the consumer market, as mobile phone usage became nearly universal and telcos sold broadband, TV and other data services to users at home and on the go.

Pivoting to embrace this new opportunity will not be easy.

Because consumer revenues generate most of the profit, telcos have relegated the B2B universe to a second-level priority.

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