Business Plan Mission Statement Examples

The Value Of Strategy There is merit in deconstructing your company’s essence.

For starters it gives stakeholders (especially key employees and management) a chance to work together in creating a shared vision.

“It distracts from day-to-day operations” is one counter-argument.

Mission and vision are two elements of corporate philosophy.As such they differ from annual or quarterly business plans, and from full strategic plans too.For companies already doing well, why not just keep on keeping on?Vetting Your Values How will your business fulfill its mission and achieve its vision?Hopefully not by cheating customers or treating staff miserably.It is not always clear at the outset if there is a difference between mission and vision statements.Both are focused in similar directions, but it can make sense to draw out a clear distinction between the two.A topline strategy encapsulates these elements for all employees to see.Why Topline Strategy May Be A Low Priority Small businesses growing quickly may scoff at planning that isn’t linked directly to immediate results.It should motivate employees and give them a clear focus in a company.A mission statement encompasses both the mission and vision that underpin a company’s corporate values.

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