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Starbucks work to an annual planning cycle, so it's important that the marketing plan is aligned and ties directly into where the business is headed.From an operational point-of-view, the goals should then be broken backwards into small 'sprints' so that actions can be taken and the results monitored and optimised in the short-term.

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I've based this marketing plan example on a real-life brand and used insights that I've gathered from researching Starbucks' activities and agenda, yet I want to be clear and transparent that this is not Starbucks' actual plan and is in no way associated with the company itself in any capacity.

So, with that in mind, here's Starbucks' One Page Marketing Plan: As I've constructed this marketing plan example using Starbucks, I've looked at the brand from a global perspective.

I haven't dived in to consider opportunities at either a regional or local level; for example, one of their major focus areas is developing the business in China where they've seen significant growth in the last year.

The activities stem from the outlined strategies; they are what will actually be executed and delivered as part of this marketing program.

The activities highlighted provide a high-level view of the plan; each element would then be worked up separately with a campaign delivery plan.

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