Business Plan Tutorial Encountering Conflict Essay Crucible

The products and services section is a concise description of what the business will sell or deliver to the customer.Business Concept The business concept section gives the reader the big picture about what the business will do and how it will succeed.

Nothing will turn a potential investor away faster than opening claims that are not credible or an industry analysis that is off target.

For example, recently we critiqued a business plan for an expansion of a grocery store chain into a nearby city.

That plan included historical and projected data on the chain's performance in its current locations, an extensive description of the grocery market in the new city, location analysis data, assessment of internal and external environmental factors (e.g., the impact of online grocery stores), and a list of assumptions upon which all the projections were based.

Industry Analysis A good way to open this section is with a brief industry analysis.

An industry is a group of businesses that manufacture, distribute, or sell similar projects or services.

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