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Check Freelance Writing Job Boards Others can do the work of finding jobs for you on job boards.Check freelance writing job boards daily, searching for "business plan writer" jobs.Business writers work for companies, while business reporters work as journalists for publications.These writers typically hold a bachelor's degree in communications, business, journalism, or a related major.Business reporters may be given specific assignments or they may develop leads based on current economic events.Reporters seek out and set up interviews with people who have information on each story.There are many small business online communities where entrepreneurs gather to get fresh ideas, help or encouragement.

You have to go where they are, and you don't have to leave your home to do it.The second business writer is a reporter who researches and writes stories about economics and businesses for publications in print or on the Internet. They may also write reports about internal projects like re-engineering, parts of annual financial reports, business plans, or strategic plans.A bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, or business would be a good start for a career as either type of business writer. In each case they explain facts about the business for audiences who may need background information in order to understand the proposal, plan, or report. They may observe work processes and practices or conduct interviews.Business reporters write stories about the economy, Wall Street, corporations and other topics.In order to write understandable articles, these writers often need to understand not only journalism, but accounting, finance, and the stock markets.The highest salaries for this profession were found in the District of Columbia, New York, Georgia, Maryland, and Massachusetts.The BLS did not report separate information about business reporters.Even on websites where you're not allowed to leave personal information, entrepreneurs will find a way to contact you.Post you real name, and they'll Google you to find you, or if the forum allows it, they'll send you a private message.A business writer is someone who writes proposals and plans for a company, or reports on the stock market, financing or other economic happenings for publications.Both types of writing usually call for research and writing skills, as a well as a bachelor's degree. One type is either an employee or a freelance contractor who works for a business to write proposals, business reports, and business plans. Business writers may prepare reports, such as sales proposals, for a business development department.

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