Business Planning Manager Salary My Mother Essay For Class 4

Strong analytical, communication, and organizational, time-management, critical-thinking, reading comprehension, and assessment skills; familiarity with accounting, credit management, financial analysis, and spreadsheet software; willingness to travel and work long hours Sources: Job listings from employers (December 2012), U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, O*Net On Line Requirements for financial planners include a bachelor's degree and finance-related work experience.

Key skills needed include strong analytical, communication and organizational skills along with time-management, critical-thinking, reading comprehension and assessment skills.

Though a master's degree is not always required to secure employment as a financial planning manager, some employers may prefer to hire candidates with this advanced training.

These programs generally require previous knowledge of business and financial topics, and coursework includes advanced topics such as derivative securities, corporate taxation and managerial economics.

Many financial planning managers begin their career in other financial or business professions, such as accountant or financial analyst positions.

For example, helping clients make financial planning decisions in a banking atmosphere provides real-world training for retirement planning, loans and investments.

Financial planning managers also need familiarity with accounting, credit management, financial analysis and spreadsheet software and a willingness to travel and work long hours.

Long work hours are often required for financial managers.

Undergraduate degree programs in these areas generally include courses on investments, international finance, statistics, business law, financial analysis and organizational behavior.

These programs are designed to give students a broad foundation of knowledge in these relevant financial topics.

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