Business Planning Perth

Central to this commitment is the City of Perth Sister City Program and the World Energy Cities Partnership.As a global hub for the minerals and energy industries, Perth is home to the headquarters for eight of the world’s top fourteen international energy companies, Australia’s largest concentration of global resource and energy companies.

The zoning information provided on this website, including zoning map and the text of Zoning By-law No.

This can include (but are not limited to): For the purposes of requiring a decision to be referred to the Development Management Committee under the Council's Scheme of Delegation, a petition only counts as one objection.

Acknowledgement and notification of the decision will only be made to the petition co-ordinator.

Perth is Western Australia’s capital city and a centre for business, commerce and culture centre.

Driving a strong growing economy and as Australia’s only Indian Ocean capital city, Perth is fortunate to share the same time zone with key trade markets in Asia.

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