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Eleanor Wong, Vancity's Program Manager in Financial Literacy, shares tips on how to write a clear objective that includes your business vision, mission and values.

A SWOT analysis is a simple way of identifying your business' internal strengths and weaknesses and its external opportunities and threats.

Brian Cade, Vancity's Account Manager in Community Impact Financing, covers some easy tips on how to start your cash flow projections.

Brenda Tsang, Vancity's Manager, Cash Management, explains the importance of researching your competitive advantage.

This executive summary is your hook for people to continue reading your “proposal”. They are investors, lenders, or other sources of potential funding.

Because the business plan is essentially your pitch for them to invest or lend you money, you might as well present it in a form that appeals to each one of them, their interests and thrusts.

View upcoming Each One, Grow One workshops Joanne Ha, Vancity's Assistant Branch Manager introduces this Each One, Grow One video series, which includes practical tips and advice for new and aspiring entrepreneurs on developing a great business plan.

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Your hard work in doing business or managing your commercial affairs is grounded and made realistic when you have a detailed map that gets through from Point A to B.

This move will work to your benefit if you perform better than your projections.

Seek the help of accountants on how to crunch and present your numbers.

This business plan video series contains tips on each of these five areas to help you and your business succeed.

Apply the tips in this series and join us at our free Each One, Grow One small business workshops to help you create a great business plan.

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