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In the fourth chapter, titled “An Evening in Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” she even addresses us directly with this invitation: describing Tom’s home, a “small log building,” Stowe’s narrator says, “Let us enter into the dwelling.” Indeed, the title of the novel itself is This entrance leads to an encounter.In an era noisy with abstract arguments for and against slavery, Stowe cuts through the debate to bring her readers directly into personal contact with the slaves in question.

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Published in book form in 1852, the novel quickly became a national bestseller and stirred up strong emotions in both the North and South.The context in which Uncle Tom's Cabin was written, therefore, is just as significant as the actual content.Among other things, Stowe's publication of her novel was stimulated by the increasing tensions among the nation's citizens and by her fervent belief that slavery was brutally immoral.But as we read it, we find that inexplicable power surging between the lines of her prose.“You’re going to hate it,” I tell my students, “and then you’re going to love it.”?Even for many Americans opposed to slavery, the issue remained somewhat abstract; but Stowe’s novel brings her readers into a fictional encounter with an individual slave, where human empathy—the power of shared feeling—does the work that other forms of persuasion had failed to do.To bring about this encounter, Stowe consciously draws readers into the world of her novel.While she was still young, Harriet's family moved from Hartford, Connecticut to Cincinnati, Ohio.At the time, Cincinnati was a battleground for pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces, as well as being a city of religious revivalism, temperance conflicts, and race riots.Legislators and thinkers on both sides of this divisive issue had used philosophy, economics, science, law, and even the Bible to make their case.But in Stowe’s mind, both argument and law had failed the American people, and the United States needed an approach that appealed instead to the human heart.

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