Call Centre Business Plan

This determines key factors, such as how many agents to hire and what kind of telephony solutions to use.

Differentiate between initial setup expenses and ongoing operating costs.

Common metrics to access effectiveness typically revolve around customer satisfaction scores.

If the goal of your call center is to generate sales, then the best team would be a strong sales team, with some backup customer service support.

the names go on and on, but all those names reflect a basic need to provide a structured contact system for customers. If you decide to choose a physical call center, will you need one or multiple locations?

To remain competitive, you need to train them on the latest technology, call center etiquette and customer service strategies.

To cultivate a capable workforce, provide hands-on training using role play, videos and previous call recordings.

Having this in place helps minimize the impact of disruptions to the network, information systems, and people.

It is essential to document and periodically test the recovery plan toanalyze systems, infrastructure, and train agents on the steps to take should unplanned disruptions occur.

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