Canada Vietnam War Essay

Added: Sept 2014 Tags: blog entry | memoir | women A Neglected Number: American Women’s Immigration Experience in Canada During the Vietnam War / Karen M.Dabney Includes statistics, images, a personal narrative, and a list of works cited.

Draft Dodgers & Deserters from the War in Vietnam 1967-1974 constitutes the Vietnam War Resisters section and includes 20 images. 1977-1979 Video clips () about Beyer’s return from exile to the United States.This web site complements an offline annotated bibliography project underway since January 2000.A September 2014 major revision reorganizes the material and verifies all links.Added: Jan 2017 Tags: not applicable Vietnam War Resisters in Canada — An Encyclopedic Essay / Joseph Jones A summary account of the topic, paired with a critical review of Wikipedia coverage. Added: Sept 2014 Tags: archive | audio | video The Ragnarokr Cordwainery : The History of an American Exile Community in Toronto, 1968-1996 / Philip M.Added: Jan 2015 Tags: encyclopedia | history Vietnam War Deserters and Draft Resisters in Canada : List of Selected Works / Joseph Jones Three lists of books. Draft Resisters and Deserters Who Moved to Canada No. Mullins Although focused on Ragnarokr, this wiki site includes much material on the larger Toronto exile community. Added: Sept 2014 Tags: biography | history | organization | Toronto War Resisters in Exile: the Memoirs of Amex-Canada / Jack Colhoun Text and pdf of the 68-page history of Amex-Canada published in late 1977.Toronto Anti-Draft Programme: Where the Guys Who Said “No!” Came for Help / Mark Satin — Materials from and comment about the assistance program. Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada / Mark Satin — About the guide used by many Americans who immigrated to Canada during the Vietnam War era. Bringing Draft Dodgers to Canada in the 1960s: the Reality Behind the Romance / Mark Satin — A personal account of Satin’s 1967-1968 tumultuous stint with Toronto Anti-Draft Programme. Added: Sept 2014 (rev Jan 2016) Tags: biography | memoir | organization | Toronto In Exile: American Draft Resisters and Deserters in Canada / Anton Wagner This 46 minute film from 1972 features draft resisters, deserters, counselors at the Toronto Anti-Draft Programme, and an editor from Amex-Canada.Added: July 2015 Tags: anti-draft | memoir American Deserters Committee Freedom of Information Act files from the FBI concerning the American Deserters Committee (Montreal) – six parts in pdf format.[Internet Archive] Added: Sept 2014 Tags: archive | Montreal | organization Our Way Home: Peace Event & Reunion On 4-8 July 2007 Vietnam War Resisters in Canada met together for the second year in a row. 58-97) reports on a study of 40 persons in the Sointula/northern Vancouver Island area.Each entry is assigned one or more controlled-terminology tags to describe content.This means that the web browser search function can be used to access particular desired content.

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