Cannery Row Essay

Lee Chong agrees to let Mack borrow the truck after Mack promises that Gay, who is a gifted mechanic, will fix it up.

There is a young boy named Frankie who hangs around Doc’s lab.

They have to ask Doc to help her out, which he does coolly but willingly.

Doc does not hold a grudge against Mack and the boys, and muses to his friend that they are the most philosophical men in Cannery Row.

On the night of their frog hunt, Mack and the boys camp out on a piece of land.

However, a man approaches them and tells them that they must leave immediately.

He takes a liking to Doc, who lets him help out around the lab.

Mack knows that they need money to throw the surprise party, so he asks Doc if he has some work for them.

Doc is wary, knowing that Mack can be untrustworthy, but he needs frogs to fulfill an order.

Frankie grows to love and respect Doc and is always eager to impress his mentor.

Frankie is clumsy though, and embarrasses himself by dropping a tray of drinks on a friend of Doc’s. Meanwhile, Mack and the boys prepare for their expedition.

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