Capsicum Farming In Open Field

The adults of these tiny insects are slender yellow, active and pointed at both ends.The females have four extremely slender wings which have long fringe on their posterior margins.About 1 -2 kg seeds are required for one hectare cultivation depending on the cultivar.The seeds should be properly covered with a thin layer of soil manure mixture or any other media and irrigated with sprinkler to maintain optimum moisture till the seeds germinate.

The most suitable p H range of soil for green pepper is 6 to 6.5.Generally, 50 to 60 days old seedlings are used for transplanting.The seedlings are transplanted in rows at a distance of 30 to 60 cm depending upon the area and the variety.The following procedures are followed to plant capsicum in the field.Seedlings are first raised in the nursery beds and then transplanted in the main fields.Rows spaced at 90 cm and plants spaced at 40 to 45 cm are also fairly common.You might also like to read: Guide for Aleo vera Farming About 50 to 80 cartloads of farmyard manure, 30 to 55 kg of nitrogen in the form of ammonium sulphate or urea, 50 to 110 kg of phosphorus in the form of super phosphate and 75 to 100 kg of potash per hectare should be given depending upon the fertility status of the soil.Normally, 5-6 seed beds of size (300x6Ox15 cm) each are sufficient for one hectare cultivation.Seed should be sown in rows at 8 -10 cm apart to get healthy seedlings. Ceresan, Thiram or Captan @ 2 g per kg seed before sowing to prevent the occurrence of any seed-borne diseases.Plants sown in September and October take the longest period for development because of poor availability of light in winter. the main field is thoroughly prepared by ploughing the land 5-6 time followed by smooth planking.Farmyard manure or compost is added after the first ploughing so that it is thoroughly mixed in the soil during subsequent ploughings.

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