Capstone Project Report

Another complication with Capstone documentation is that the information about the design changes as the design evolves.In some cases, the new documentation reaches different conclusions than the earlier documentation. First, if later information builds upon and is consistent with earlier information, simply refer to the earlier documentation without necessarily using the same level of detail.

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The written report includes an index to the material in the digital archive. images from CAD files, a bill of materials, and diagrams of system components, are included in the written report.For a project like Capstone that spans several months, it is wise to continuously document your work as opposed to waiting until an approaching deadline.Get in the habit of writing small reports for yourself that document tasks as they are completed.Capstone project documentation is expansive and contains many different file formats.Capstone project documentation also evolves as the team's knowledge of the design problem and its solution evolves.Then, when the big report is due you will have prior work that you can edit and combine, instead of having to create a large first draft from scratch.A Capstone project report is more complicated than a lab report or technical research paper.Due to their large scope and duration, Capstone projects have specialized documentation requirements.This web page provides guidance on how to document your Capstone project.In addition to the ethical obligation to cite prior work, engineers are responsible for the truthful and accurate reporting of results of analysis and experimentation.In its publication, On Being a Scientist, the National Academy of Engineering cite the U. Office of Science and Technology policy on behaviors that constitute research misconduct: tables and figures should have a number and caption.

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