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Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a key idea generation technique.

Currently, though better service quality is important, it is not enough on its own.

It outlines the three key phases and charts the thinking processes utilized for each.

You can see the diamonds remain, the three key focus points join in fluid colors with the beginning point varying with the situational requirement.

TRIZ (or TIPS – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) was created by Genrich Altshuller and his coworkers. This strategy is meant to cultivate the creation of patentable inventions.

However, the technique is also helpful for developing non-product solutions.

The three bubbles in the bubble model let you know exactly what you should do.

Pinpointing the challenge or goal and delineating your preferred output is the basis of the CPS strategy.

At times, people pay no heed to certain essential aspects about the problem or take something for granted to solve it rapidly.

The credit for developing the technique that had its beginnings in the 1950s in the Arthur D. This idea generation technique approaches problem solving and creativity in a rational manner.

In Gordon’s opinion, Synectics research has to do with three key assumptions: In short, if people comprehend the working of creativity, they can improve their ability to be creative.

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