Cause And Effect Essay On Violence On Television Questions To Help Write An Essay

Television is a unique form of entertainment in that almost every home in the "western" world has at least one television.

Australians on average watch around 21 hours per week.

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Of course it is not contended that television violence is the only cause of aggression and violence in society today. It is the product of a number of interacting factors-genetic, perinatal, physiological, neurological, environmental. 85) The effects of watching violence are influenced by the ability of individuals to discriminate between fantasy and reality, between justified and unjustified violence, and the capacity to critically evaluate the portrayal of violence within a social and moral framework.

It is only when there is a convergence of factors that violent behaviour occurs. Research has shown that there are a number of ways that on-screen violence can be portrayed which might influence viewers ( Most of the research in this area has examined the effects of television violence.

But no one outside the tobacco industry would deny that smoking causes lung cancer.

The effects of exposure to violence in the media are by no means inevitable and may be amplified or reduced by a variety of other factors (Australia 1990).

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Adam Graycar Director Researchers and professionals have argued for decades about whether or not the portrayal of violence in the various media causes violence in society.

Laboratory experiments, field research and correlational studies have all been used as investigative tools.

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