Cause Divorce Essay

Child support payments are a ubiquitous feature of divorce decrees for parents of minor children.Non-custodial parents often wonder what they're paying for when they write a check for child support each month.The primary purpose of child support is not to equalize the income of the two former spouses, but rather to provide the children with the same level of economic support they would have had if their parents had remained together. Those with children carry child support issues with them into their new relationships.Approximately half of all Americans remarry within five years of divorce, according to U. Courts do not always award alimony, especially in short-term marriages, but some spouses deal with this baggage entering into a new marriage as well.Lacking such guidance, children of divorce are more likely to behave as social deviants.Specific findings reported by The Heritage Foundation are that these children are more likely to commit minor and serious crimes, run away from home, be suspended from school, smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol, carry weapons, engage in physical fighting, and use marijuana and cocaine.According to the National Marriage Project, between 19, the divorce rate in the United States doubled; between 40 and 50 percent of newly married couples will either separate or divorce.With high divorce rates threatening social stability, the United Nations urges governments everywhere to adopt policies to reverse this trend.

To sociologists, the family does more than unite people by marriage and blood or adoption; it provides the educational, financial and emotional support its members need to thrive socially.

Without this support, divorced adults and their children are mentally and physically weakened, becoming less productive social participants.

More broadly, divorce leads people to question whether having a family is worthwhile.

Divorce can save people from a bad marriage, but research has shown that it can also debilitate a society.

Divorced adults are more likely to become impoverished while their children experience psychological and economic stress hindering their social development.

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