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In Unit AS 2 students learn to implement and develop object oriented technologies in an event driven environment. Detailed instructions on standardisation of marking and moderation procedures appear in the Appendix 4. Students are expected to complete tasks associated with this material in preparation for the lesson.The similar but different tasks include instructions with screenshots to give guidance as to what has been done together with comprehensive guidance notes. Students answer short and open-loop recycling a lca case study of pet bottle-to-fibre recycling questions based on Approaches to Systems Development. This unit is externally assessed through a two hour examination paper. Teaching assistant help edexcel help keep the function is.Both Year 9 and Year 10 students, in collaboration with other local schools, have taken part in workshops aimed at raising their awareness of Science in the real-world.

The CCEA courses each comprise of external exams available at both higher and foundation level and coursework, while the OCN course is 100% assignment based.Our Vision The Science department at Strangford College aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum suited to the interests and needs of all our students.We endeavour to develop skills and capabilities to help our students grow into successful adults capable of making informed choices and having the potential to make a valuable contribution to the world of work and society in general.Hi, i sat the as3 exam last year and we didnt really know what to expect.there is quite alot of as1 and as2 content that appears on it, so make sure you know the theory behind the practical tasks like e.g.Recently we have bought in caterpillars and watched them develop into butterflies, in order for our students to learn more about their life cycle.We have taken our GCSE and A level student’s to local Universities so that they could experience first-hand, University life and explore the courses and facilities on offer.They study topics related to Biology, Chemistry and Physics which include Food and Digestion, Electricity, Heart and Lungs and Energy.In Year 10, students are prepared for GCSE with particular attention given to how to carry out and write up investigations, analyse the results, and evaluate their work.This unit is internally assessed with a pre-release case study. A series of nodes each containing a value, a link to the next node, and a link to the previous node.Fundamentals of Digital Technology In this unit students develop knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals when i grow up college essay any digital technology system, such as data representation, computer architecture, software and the user interface. Students can choose to take the AS as a stand-alone qualification if they wish.

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