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Key Stage Three (Years 8-10) Pupils are split into five classes and take GCSE Mathematics at either Foundation or Higher level, with the majority taking Higher. The T3 module content is taught in Year 11, with an opportunity to sit the examination for this module in June of Year 11.Pupils can resit T3 in January or June of Year 12 or sit the T2 module if it is felt that T3 has been too difficult.Whilst Grade C is considered a ‘Pass’ grade in GCSE, many universities are now requesting a minimum of Grade B in GCSE Mathematics for entry to various courses.

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To ensure that pupils appreciate the relevance of Mathematics across the curriculum and in the real world by providing them with the necessary mathematical skills, including financial planning and decision making needed in their everyday lives and future careers.The Further Mathematics classes operate as ‘twilight’ classes, two evenings per week, after school.The taught programme begins midway through Year 11 and continues throughout Year 12.Description of Department: The Mathematics department seeks to provide a learning environment which will stimulate and encourage pupils by producing thought provoking and challenging work.We have high expectations of our pupils and aim that each will achieve their full potential.In Year 8 and 9 Mathematics is taught in form groups.Year 10 pupils are set to ensure that each pupil is working at a pace corresponding with their ability.March 6, 2017 by iebsoftware Mathematics is a compulsory subject at GCSE and is essential for most careers.Mathematics is a key contributory subject in the STEM initiative.Class changes and tier of entry are made as appropriate.Pupils are regularly set homework and learning tasks.

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