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Besides this, there can be many other ideas on crafting variant and awe inspiring essays on New Year celebration which may include New Year Food, New Year resolutions, New Year traditions and many more.In that one special night, that smells like hope, people are gettering all over the world reposing their dreams on better tomorrow.In a land of warm hearts, holiday Spirit is felt from the middle of December until the middle of January.NYE and Christmas are followed by many humanitarian, music and other, manifestations, which are on the other hand followed by euphoria.Besides the date of celebration over the years the way of celebration has also changed.In early days celebration of New Year was associated with paganism, the Christians celebrated it as the Feast of Circumcision, Romans celebrated as the sombreness of Mary.A specially decorated tram, that is caring juggle is giving the children the opportunity to meet the happiest grandpa in the world, and to get present from him.This traveling attraction is also a theater stage where the whole may sail into most magnificent fairytales and plays.

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We find various ways to explore and experience more and more about the story of this day.Street of Open Heart was created spontaneously in the bistro “Srpska kafana” when the actors of the neighboring theatre “Atelje212” served guests instead waitress.At this gentle way, on this glorious day, the brightest side of a human soul is expressing, showing that in this hard times we are all connected will god deeds and god s hand.As the most beautiful introduction into the days of celebration, Square of fairytales represents a place with most quality contents, such as; fun and entertainment, concerts, programs for children, theater and magician plays, fairs of hand-made jewels and clothes, souvenirs and others.The traditional several decade’s long traditions before the New Year’s Eve is the monumental Belgrade Fair ruled by fantastic merry-go-rounds, playing rooms, and wonders.First of January is reserved for the Open Heart Street located on Svetogorska Street.Throughout the entire day concerts, various artistic performances, and humanitarian activities are traditionally holding, and all collected many are given to children without parent advising.As the New Year approaches school going children and even college students are indulged into writing essays on the relevance of New Year that they can celebrate this day with utmost hopefulness and beatitude.Here are some fervent essays for various genres of people on New Year: The whole world celebrates New Year with great fervour and zest. People belonging to different walks of life welcome New Year in their own hearty ways.They are waiting for their wishes to become true and they are waiting for the midnight kiss from that one, special person.And when it comes to the special nights, here in Serbia we have two of them.

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