Charter Business Internet Plans

It’s no longer optional for a business to have internet access.Whether it’s a small business that merely needs to keep a presence on social media, or a giant conglomerate dabbling in the newest cloud technologies, internet is crucial. It’s how businesses can stay in touch with their customers and clients.In terms of pricing, Spectrum has straightforward, standardized prices compared to other providers.Spectrum Internet plans are favored by cord cutters thanks to their unlimited data use and affordable contract-free options.However, their maximum range of speed tends to be higher than other cable providers.This is because of their aggressive DOCSIS 3.1 network expansion, which has brought gigabit (940 Mbps) download speeds to dozens of cities in the USA like Los Angeles, Rochester, and Dallas.Unlike other cable providers, there is no limit to video streaming, even on the cheapest packages.

Unless the business itself is a telecommunications company, it’s not likely they are going to have their own connectivity.

The specific speeds of each Spectrum speed tier varies depending on your location.

Specifically, many areas yet have access to Ultra or Gig Internet.

The best way to check if Ultra or Gig is available at your address is to call and ask a sales rep to check Internet-only speeds in your neighborhood.

Spectrum expanded Gig service to 14 Million households in 2018, and promises to continue expansion in coming years.

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