Chicken Farming Business Plan

It also saves energy to heat and cool the house which is a savings for the farmer.

We work closely with our farmers, including regular visits from our Service Technicians and Animal Welfare Specialists to provide technical advice , answer questions and ensure best animal management practices.

Poultry farming is a type of agricultural method in which the birds are raised commercially. Basically, poultry farming involves chicken, ducks, turkeys, young pigeons.

But chicken is the one which has huge market demand across the globe and hence most of the poultry farmers prefer growing chicken when they set up a farm.

If a farmer’s operation is not performing well, we have a program in place designed to help them get back on track.

by Doug Ramsey As part of our journey to continually live our purpose, we’re launching several initiatives aimed at enhancing communications and transparency with the thousands of independent farmers who grow chickens for our company.

The payment formula includes such factors as the number of birds, the amount of feed used, the performance of their flock compared to those raised by other contract farmers and the weight of the birds delivered to the processing plant. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE FOUND that the median income of contract poultry farmers exceeds other farm households.

Income from chicken farming varies and depends on a number of factors. For many, it’s supplemental income to another job or the raising of crops or other livestock. Chicken farming is like any other business; people often have to borrow some money to start, improve or expand their operations.

Poultry farming has made his diversified operation financially stable enough to do that.

Contract farming insulates the farmer from the risk of changing market prices for chicken and feed ingredients such as corn and soybean meal, which represents the majority of the cost of raising chicken.

So, farmers’ compensation is not dependent on what the feed costs or prices at the grocery store.

Poultry farmers are essentially paid for how well they take care of the chickens and how much weight the birds gain while they’re on the farm.

We use a performance-based incentive system that rewards poultry farmers who effectively convert the feed we provide into weight gain in the birds they raise.

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