Chocolate Milk Persuasive Essay

However, these topics are ones that most students enjoy debating and writing about.

Some lend themselves to research-based persuasive writing and some are more opinion-based.

Now these finding have proven that the milk chocolate is not as powerful with all these benefits as the dark chocolate is, but they are still there.

Also the milk chocolates are of course higher in the calories, because of the fats from the sugar, and cream that are used to produce milk chocolate (Real

Students on the favorable side also noted that professional athletes drink chocolate milk and promote it.

Persuasive writing is one of my favorite writing genres to teach.Its rich, its creamy, its smooth, and it makes us feel so-o-o-o good for a few moments of course, that is; until the guilt of the calories kick in. The wonderful creamy milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, white chocolate, or even my personal favorite a silky dark chocolate, the choices are hard.I sat down this weekend to really think about, and compare the differences.I compared my two favorite types of chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.Milk chocolate is usually paired with nuggets, nuts, creams or caramels, but the dark chocolate is best with a wine such as a Muscat Canelli.The students get so excited about the different topics and love debating and supporting their arguments and claims.On this post, I will share some of my students’ favorite persuasive writing prompts with a free download of a printable list and task card version of the writing prompts.The actual flavor compounds found in dark chocolate exceed those of red wine, and detecting all these notes can be an extremely fun and educational endeavor (’s certainly a beverage that can be enjoyed in moderation, but true, if kids have the option between regular milk and chocolate milk every day, guess which one they’re going to pick? While the CT House & Senate voted to ban chocolate milk, the Governor and self-proclaimed chocolate milk lover, vetoed the bill.My son Cooper, a non-milk drinking vegetarian 5 grader, and I were honored to be invited to sit on the panel for the debate.

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