Christina Alibrandi Essay

No one can grow in 'self knowledge' and 'self identity' without facing up to the challenges of life.Three major characters in Melina Marchetta's Looking for Alibrandi face up to the challenges put before them and the extent to which they grow in self-knowledge and self-identity.The novel, Looking for Alibrandi, by Melina Marchetta, conveys cultural boundaries that are evident in Australian society.Through the actions of the characters, these cultural boundaries are crossed.Looking for Alibrandi Essay Describe at least one relationship that was important in the text.

As she says at the end of the novel, ' I will sit between tow women.

These characters are Josephine Alibrandi, Nonna Katia and John Barton. She feels that she is out of place at school – a 'wog girl' at an exclusive eastern suburbs school full of 'blond yuppies or European trendies'. Girls like Carly Bishop bully her – in a low-key way - but she refuses to be put down by them.

She challenges their superior views and ends up breaking Carlys nose by hitting Carly with a science book.

Nonna Katia crossed these cultural boundaries when she had an affair with Marcus Sandford and consequently, it resulted in a pregnancy and birth to her daughter Christina.

This lack of interaction between cultures can lead to racism and intolerance. They seem to be everywhere." Josie crossed this boundary and hit her with her science book.

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