Chronicles Of A Foretold Essay

They are indifferent to the fact that someone can destroy the order of things or make a difference. rquez explores is the virginity of a girl and a mysterious betrayal.The author converts it into a motif for the killing.Chronicle of a Death Foretold is one of the most famous pieces of the Latin American literature written by Gabriel Garc? The novel is dedicated to exploring a problem of human ignorance and indifference towards each other, as well as the issues in the society. In addition to the fact that the novel is thought-provoking and captivating, it is a vivid representation of magical realism traditions.Interestingly, the role of self-respect and the family’s dignity is highly valued in the Latin American society.Possibly, due to this reason, people do not notice the importance of the person’s life.The potential reader may find some connections of M?rquez’ novel with Borges’ Man of the Pink Corner as all the Latino American creative writing has something in common. rquez’ and Borges’ writings are obsessed with portraying details through the prism of the characters’ speech.

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The reader becomes a witness of the crime as the narrator offers a pallet of colors, attitudes, actions, causes, and effects.

It combines all the possible ideas concerning the death of the main character.

The narrator’s observations serve as definite guides for the reader to become absorbed in the novel.

The narrative technique that has been described above is accompanied or supplemented by a striking thematic aspect.

Chronicle of a Death Foretold is the novel that encompasses a variety of themes that the author criticizes.

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