Cinderella Writing Paper

Have students draw their favorite parts of a Cinderella story and add illustrations to corresponding countries on a large illustrated world map.Math: Students work on data collected from the Cinderella stories with sorting activities in which they sort stories by attributes, describing what distinguishes one cluster of stories from another.The story of Cinderella is one of the most well-known fairy tales with hundreds of versions being told all over the world.Cinderella’s origins are found in 9th century China, where the tale is known as “Yeh-Shen," although most people recognize best the French version popularized by Charles Perrault in the late 1600’s.Ask students if they can identify the story from the picture alone. Explain to students that this picture is an illustration from a Cinderella storybook.Talk about other places students might have seen Cinderella.Students design and carry out their own data investigation by developing Cinderella surveys. In one class, a student asked, "is the nemesis always a step-mother?" Ask the students to investigate this and similar questions by reviewing the evidence (books), collecting data (counting how many times this is true), and organize results into visual representation by filling in a line graph or stacking cubes.

Students place markers on Google Earth to track the journeys of story characters, with the ability to populate those place markers with supplemental resources.

You may want to use your usual read-aloud time and read two books a day over the course of several days. Finally, ask students to demonstrate their understanding of plot, characters, and variations by writing their own Cinderella story.

Looking at the chart, ask students what is always the same throughout the stories? Ask them to introduce context and characters based on their own surroundings and place in the world. Lead a discussion on how each student's story reflects their own identity and community culture.

Ask students to consider how the setting and plot will change due to the unique features of the chosen country.

Map student stories connecting with real world places on Google Lit Trips (

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