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This Module will, thus, get you writing and thinking about your writing in terms of your voice and purpose.Previous Stage 6 cohorts have struggled with writing for English.In doing so, they further develop the skills and knowledge necessary to appreciate, understand, analyse and evaluate how and why texts convey complex ideas, relationships, endeavours and scenarios.Central to this module is developing student capacity to respond perceptively to texts through their own considered and thoughtful writing and judicious reflection on their skills and knowledge as writers.These Modules prescribe the approach that you are meant to take in studying, analysing, and responding to your texts.The “Common Module” is a unit taught across different levels of Year 11 English.

Importantly, there is a strong focus on student literacy in this Module.

In this post, we will guide you through “Reading to Write” – the new Year 11 English Common Module. This means that the 2017 Year 10 cohort will be the first to study its new modules at school in 2018.

The new Stage 6 syllabus has mandatory modules, meaning that all English Advanced and Standard students across the state will be studying the same module.

The Reading to Write Module must be taught as the first Year 11 English Module by all schools.

The content that it covers is the foundation to a study of Stage 6 English at all levels that will be assessed for an ATAR.

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