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Actually, it’s used as a “seasoning,” but so commonly that it’s almost impossible to find salad without bacon, greens without fatback, white beans free of pinkish shreds of ham.It was difficult for me, then, when I decided to become a vegetarian.For fiction and art, applicants tend to think big—a Jane Austen heroine, a Monet painting, a Rodin sculpture, a Beethoven symphony.So what are we to make of an essay that focuses on a seemingly trivial cartoon character like Lisa Simpson?Among the essential writing tips for a winning essay is the inclusion of a little humor to keep the essay fun and engaging. At no point is her essay shallow or flip, but her catalog of southern pork dishes and introduction of Lisa Simpson are likely to receive a chuckle from her reader.

I did not tell my parents, or anyone else, that Lisa Simpson had helped me say no, forever, to eating meat.Doing so would cast the decision, one that many teenagers passionately make for a few months and then abandon, in the light of well-intentioned immaturity.But Lisa did help me live a more healthy, ethical, and ecologically sound life—to say no to pork, in all its guises.In the pivotal episode, Lisa is tortured by visions of the lamb whose chops provide her family’s dinner. Like me, Lisa is torn between her convictions and her fear of disappointing her father (not to mention the undeniable deliciousness of pork).But she manages to explain her beliefs to Homer and show him that her rejection of meat is not a rejection of him—that she can share his table and his love while still living according to her principles.The sample application essay below was written by Felicity for personal essay option #4 of the pre-2013 Common Application: "Describe a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative work (as in art, music, science, etc.) that has had an influence on you, and explain that influence." With the current Common Application, the essay could work well for essay option #1 that asks students to share a story about something that is central to their identity.Porkopolis In the South, where I grew up, pork is a vegetable.The essay is about Felicity, and it succeeds in showing her depth of character, her inner conflicts and her personal convictions."Porkopolis" doesn't make clear what the essay is about, but the strange title still manages to make us curious and pull us into the essay. Will this essay be about pigs, or is it about a metropolis with too much pork-barrel spending?I told my parents that I had decided to really commit myself to vegetarianism, that this was not a passing phase, that I was not judging or seeking to convert them, but that this was simply something I had decided for myself.They agreed, perhaps a bit patronizingly, but as the months went on and I continued to forego the chicken in my fajitas and the sausage gravy on my biscuits, they became more supportive. I took on a larger role in preparing the meals, and reminded them to please use vegetable stock in the potato soup and to reserve a separate pot of plain spaghetti sauce before adding the ground beef.

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