College Essay A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

And, how can the thoughtful and quiet among us open up and join the spotlight, when small talk already feels like swimming against the current?

Today, I want to give you or your teen a topic hack.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what does it take to get 3,000 words?

Writing an essay of 3,000 words is asking a lot, especially if you have never written anything of that magnitude before.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if I told you that you could get it down to 650—the required length of the common application essay? Whether you (if you are a student reading this blog) or your teen (if you’re a parent) like to chat away or stow away alone, teens talking about themselves in order to make an impression is rarely a forte.

If you do not know your topic, there is only so much you can say, so choose something with which you are comfortable. Prewriting is the first step of the writing process, and one in which you may spend a great deal of time.That averages out to10 or more pages, typed and double-spaced.Luckily, this mammoth word count is attainable for anyone from students to experienced businessmen, if you focus, take your time and put forth your best effort.Revise your writing after completing a first draft. Then take a break and revise a second time, again looking for gaps where information could be inserted.Once you have completed the essay, read through whatever you have written for fluency and organization. Once you are confident in the structure, style and flow of your writing, begin to add vivid verbs and plenty of adjectives to further the maturity of your writing. Make an assessment of your word count to determine your next move.There are several statements made by characters throughout the novel that seem to refute claims made in the preface of the novel. One such statement is made in chapter seven, as Dorian contemplates the relationship between his actual life and the life portrayed by the portrait: “But the picture? It held the secret of his life, and told his story. And let’s be honest, there are very few of us who are good at it at all.I suppose it’s not exclusively a teenage problem but more of a human dilemma.In the preface of the novel, though, Wilde states that “All art is quite useless.” This statement is refuted as the novel progresses, as it becomes clear that art indeed does have the ability to control one’s actions and define one’s overall personal identity. Membership includes a 10% discount on all editing orders.Because of the effect the portrait of Dorian Gray has on its subject matter, it is revealed that art certainly plays an important role in the life of its spectators.

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