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Though going through governmental red tape can be a hassle to find a counsellor, a community agency or even religious organization official can be of great help in an area such as this.

The point here is that there is really no excuse for the parent not to get help if the child acts out.

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The authoritative parenting style combining emotional support with clear rules and monitoring had a definite (and positive) influence on driving-related behaviours and other attitudes among adolescents (Crawford-Faucker, 2009).

These teens had a lower crash risk, experienced fewer crashes as passengers and were twice as likely to wear seat belts as a driver (or passenger) then were teens with uninvolved parents (Crawford-Faucker, 2009).

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One research proves that alcoholics were likely to have parents who were alcoholics, while domestic abusers were likely abused themselves as children.Furthermore, it has been proven that parental influence also has an influence on driving among their teenage offspring (Crawford-Faucker, 2009).According to the National Young Driver Survey (involving 5,665 students in grades 9 through 11) parenting styles had a definite impact on choices the young drivers made (Crawford-Faucker, 2009).Academic and research literature contains a wealth of information tying parental influence to children’s behaviour.In the area of peer influence, for example, Chen et al (2007) note that, in a study among California and Wisconsin high school students, it was found that parental influence on peer affiliation still is significant even as parental involvement in adolescents’ lives diminishes.Few people want their children to be delinquent (especially lower-income people).But then again, even among poor families, we find out that not all children are delinquent.What about if the child’s mother is little more than a child herself?If this is a situation of a teenage mother who doesn’t know how to parent, the situation changes a little, but not a whole lot.What is the difference between the well-behaved children of poorer families and those who act out? Even if there isn’t a male role model in the house, many times, the matriarch of the family takes a strict stance among her offspring, raising Cain if the offspring get into trouble.Furthermore, there are resources for parents of lower income families to find help for their children if there are issues.

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  1. Unfortunately, but inevitably, the emphasis on behavior in both reports has stirred up an abstract debate over the interpretation of data rather than suggesting programs for dealing with the existing and very concrete situation in which American Negroes find themselves.